We are working on Expository Writing in 2nd Grade. Students learn to write two paragraphs about a specific topic.

1) Read prompt for topic.
2) Brainstorm main ideas that apply to the topic.
3) Brainstorm discriptive language for the main ideas chosen.
4) Fill in a web (shown on the right) to organize ideas.
5) Write a first draft with indenting paragraphs and using transition words.
6) Edit paper.
7) Write a final draft.

Students will be graded on how well they:
1) Organize details in sequence.
2) Use writing rules.
3) Produce creative, informative, and persuasive writing with connected paragraphs on a topic.
4) Demonstrate legible printing skills.

The best way to help your child with his or her essay is to ask what they are writing about.


First writing web for 2nd grade
with a writing sample.




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